Food Drives

Tips for Hosting A Food Drive
 Make it easy for people to get involved.
•    Set-up bins in high traffic areas - Ideal locations are in lobbies, cafeterias, near elevators, meeting rooms and designated offices, grocery store entrances and church common areas.  
•    Post signs and wish lists near or on the bins.
•    Inland Valley Hope Partners will provide materials for you to use
•     To assist in gathering attention of the event, press releases and notifications will be made in advance by Inland Valley Hope Partners un-less directly requested not to do so (i.e. food drive will take place within a private company)
•    Drive coordinator s are encouraged to send out e-mails to staff, friends, congregation members and alike.
•    Send a voice mail out to all staff
•    Post fliers in lunch rooms and around the office
•    Distribute fliers in employee mailboxes
•    Let the community relations or public relations department know about the drive
•    Put information in to the company/congregation newsletter
•    Keep communication going throughout the supply drive
 Have fun with the drive to increase participation and success.
•    Organize competitions between team members
•    Offer incentives for employees who participate
o    Casual Day and/or Jeans Day
o    Pizza Party
o    Prizes, such as gift certificates
Call Inland Valley Hope Partners for assistance during the drive and to have supplies collected picked up.
 Celebrate your success!
•    Make sure your follow employees know the results of your drive to help feed this many number of individuals.  
Finally – Thank you for bring our partner!

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